March 29, 2020

Southern Kaduna Crisis: Politicians Using Christians For Political Purposes- Pastor Adelaja

……..says he cannot blame Buhari for Recession

Popular Nigerian preacher, Pastor Sunday Adelaja founder and Senior Pastor of the Embassy of God, an evangelical-charismatic megachurch in Kiev, Ukraine, has reacted to the Southern Kaduna Crisis, saying Christians are being manipulated and used for some people’s political purpose.

Adelaja, however said he is not joining others to blame President Muhammadu Buhari for the economic recession because he is smarter than that and makes use of his brain.

Speaking on the Southern Kaduna killings, he said he is against it, adding it should not be a factor to get Christians to start war or ask for the division of the country.

His words: “Christians are being manipulated and being used for some people’s political purpose. It is all sabotage and propaganda and people who are right thinking should not be victims of this propaganda”.

Pastor Adelaja said he cannot blame Buhari for Nigeria’s economic recession because he uses his brain

He wondered why he should blame the Buhari-led administration for Nigeria’s problems when it is evil people that crippling the economy.

“If the opposition or some evil people are going to blow up the resource of the country, if they are going to blow up the economic engine of the country, they are cutting off 40% of the income of the country, how will I support them, how will I blame the government for that. I will rather blame the evil people who are doing that.”

He blamed the Avengers, former Niger Delta militants and pro-Biafra agitators for some of Nigeria’s problems.

The man of God explained that the Avengers who came from nowhere are being sponsored by people who want to frustrate efforts of the government to fulfill its campaign promises so that the economy will be so down.

He noted that because of the attacks on oil facilities by the Avengers, Nigeria’s oil production went from 2.2 million to 1.6million slashing the country’s income by 40% causing hardship in the country.

He said this is why people are dissatisfied and protesting against the government.

Adelaja wondered why some people were still blaming Buhari for the economic recession as if he set up Avengers and made them blow up oil pipelines.

Adelaja noted that ex-militants ceased militancy after being paid and settled, only to resurface again when Buhari took over power because they he said he will stop paying them. They started blowing up pipelines again reducing the income of the country. (Source:

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