May 30, 2020

Signs and wonders, miracle galore clouded the arena at RCCG Ogun Province 16 third anniversary

It was manifestation and harvest of signs and wonders at the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Ogun Province 16, third anniversary which ended on Sunday at the provincial headquarters, Ibara, Abeokuta, Ogun State capital.
The anniversary which started on October 7th across all parishes commenced with Divine Encounter, and to be followed with digging deep service on Tuesday, while praise night at all area headquarters on Wednesday was awesome, thus compliment the talk show one on Thursday at the province.
However, attention was fully shifted to provincial headquarters from Friday till Sunday as the guest minister from Abuja, Pastor Matthew Adebayo, ministration could not be resisted by parishioners, who on daily basis continually trooping in to listen to powerful message from above.
Sunday thanksgiving was amazing as the favourable weather encouraged movement of members to be part of the undiluted and spirit filled word of God through the guest minister. When it seemed as if members were not aware of the last day, the tide changed within few minutes.
The unprecedented crowd started arriving in large numbers to the extent that the main auditorium was filled to the brim, while outside could not even contained the worshippers. Many who came late were seen standing from morning till later at noon when the guest minister wrapped up the message.
To the admiration of all, there was no dull moment as despite the gate widely opened for those who light feel tires to go, but nobody left the arena till after four at noon when the PICP did the closing prayer.
Many of the members described this year anniversary as more spirit filled, coupled with miracles and deliverance. They attested that after the event, overflow joy, breakthrough and many wonders will start pouring upon the all.
Moreover, in a chat with Pastor in charge of the Province (PICP), Pastor Ayodele Olusola after the event, he said: “I want to bless God for the success of the third anniversary programme. But above all, I want to thank God that for the past three years, He has never left us alone.
“He has been our God and there is no time we can say last year is better than the previous year, He is always better tomorrow and not better yesterday, so to God be the glory, we really appreciate Him for that.
“Actually, I prepared for it when we were still like hundred in the morning during the hours of pleasant surprises, I had to hold the programme for just ten minutes, and I asked all the workers to go and arrange chairs outside, that because they should not look at what was happening then.
“The numbers of chairs we arrange were the number of people that will come. So they should fill everywhere with chairs. Since I have told people to come and they have seen what God has been doing from Thursday, they discovered that they must come, and I know that they will come. We knew that they won’t be disappointed, and they were never disappointed.
While responding on the workings of the organising committee, the PICP stated: “It was not the committee or pastor in charge that was really doing it, but they were just instruments in the hands of God, so whatever God is doing, it is to Him be all the glory.
“When John and Peter got to the beautiful gate, and God used them to raise the lame man, people were hailing them, but they said it was not their holiness or fasting that had helped them to heal the man, but it was Jesus Christ. Everything we have seen today, and in the past, to God be the glory.
Relaying his expectations, he had this to say: “My expectations have been given at the October 1st Independence Day programme ragged ‘A New Dawn’. I have strong belief and commitment that there is going to be a real new beginning, not only for the province but for the whole parishes and every individual in the province.
“And I want you to mark this word that from this month we will be hearing a lot of breakthrough, testimonies and divine lifting in their lives in the name of Jesus Christ. Whatever they have seen here, they should reciprocate it at their various parishes, because if we say we are holding programme here alone, and other parishes are not developing, then people will only be looking forward to worship at the headquarters.
“Whereas, it should be everywhere, programmes should be going on there too. After this month, I am expecting that invitation should start coming from other zones, areas, and parishes inviting me and my Assistant Pastors in charge of the Province (APICPs) and others to their programmes, which we off course we will be honoured to attend. That is my expectations, and It will definitely come forth.”
In the same vein, Chairman of the committee, who also is the Assistant Pastor in charge of Province, (APICP), Administration, Pastor Olusesi Kuyoro on his part noted: “We give success to the Almighty God, God has really made it a huge success for us. You can see what inspired amidst the committee and the result we have witnessed today. The entire committee members worked harmoniously, sacrificially to ensue the success of this programme, that is what we saw during the programme today.
“My expectations are testimonies from everyone that have been partakers of this programme, everyone of us, we will share good testimonies. Members should remain steadfast in the Lord, and faithful in all things.”
Similarly, Pastor Dickson Atigolo, Assistant Pastor in charge of Province, Corporate Social Responsibility (APICP, CSR) remarked: “The third year anniversary just as the theme says ‘Waxing Stronger’ is getting bigger, better and more interesting, people are appreciating because of the breakthrough on yearly basis, the province is growing in all direction, numerically, it is growing.
“Compare to previous editions, it is always better because if there are any flaws in the previous ones, we learn and then make amend. The committee had learnt from the previous flaws. If you look around, there is no complain of any such, all preparations, the medical team are on ground.
“The first year, somebody delivered, the team took care of it. The second year, somebody came again and delivered twins, the medical team also took care without even bringing anything, they have to make provision and see that everything was done perfectly.
“So this year, there was enough preparation for everything, we never had whatever we called emergency. What we call emergency is what we do not plan for that just come up.
“The whole event was success and everybody was happy as we can see, the turnout was massive, inside and outside was filled, the two galleries were filled, outside there was full, people were coming and they have no seat to sit.
“More people kept coming until almost the dying minute. And if you can look at it, the occasion started at about 10:30am, and never ended until almost 5:00pm, the crowd did not reduce, people were satisfied, thanking God and appreciating Him. The gate was widely opened for anybody who wanted to go, instead, they waited till the end. It was an improvement.
“My projection in years to come is to make out another province, plan parishes, expand in all strata, when an adult grows, he makes out other children. That’s what I project.”
In another development, Pastor Kajola A. A. Enoch, Resident Pastor, RCCG, Peculiar Peoples Parish said: “God has been helping us since I became the Area Pastor, we bless God that He saw us through the third anniversary of the province. This year anniversary was loaded with lots of spiritual exercise more than that of party making.
“And it has been wonderful, people have been blessed as you can see that members waited till around 5:00pm because they were enjoying the message presented by the guest minister, Pastor Matthew Adebayo. The efforts of the PICP himself was so wonderful, he has performed wonderfully well in the past three years. He has been able to keep the church together, the minister and the workers.
“We can see the fruit of the spirit manifesting in the church, and the growth of the church that was coming up systematically. This is quite commendable and it was a worthy anniversary. To celebrate and give thanks to God. It is a period and days of meritorious and wonderful spiritual working in the province
“The committee which I am one of them and chaired by Pastor Olusesi really performed very well within a short period of notice for the event. We had meetings several times that saw this anniversary successful.
“I am expecting to see more spiritual growth, and members to begin to turnout in large numbers whenever they are called upon for prayers. And I am believing God because that most of our members will wax greatly indeed, because the prayers that we prayed in these seven days of the programme, have been so fascinating, and we would begin to the manifestation of these prayers after today.”

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