May 30, 2020

APC gubernatorial screening: Committee set to withhold Yahaya Bello’s clearance certificate

While the Sen. Hope Uzodima led APC Gubernatorial Screening Committee in Kogi State may have screened Governor Yahaya Bello, there’s a serious contention to withhold his clearance certificate due to the falsification of his date of birth certificate and his involvement in the INEC double registration saga that will lead to a serious litigation before and after the November 16th Elections in the state.

As at the time of writing this report, investigation has revealed that none of Governor Yahaya Bello university mate at the Prestigious Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria is less than 52years of age as against the age of 44 years that the governor is claiming.
It was gathered that those who are against the governor have written to ABU to verify the actual date of birth on his Entry form into the institution.
Aside the issue of his forged date of birth certificate, the INEC double registration crime is equally hanging on the neck of the governor.

In 2017, Governor Yahaya Bello was alleged to have been involved in INEC double registration scandal which led to the sacking of three INEC staff who participated in the crime.

Although, we are made to believe that INEC that penalized Governor Yahaya Bello when the news first broke out (with pictures to backed it up) later exornerated the governor after a ‘civilised bargain’ with the leadership of INEC have been made.

The onus of proof is left for the commission when the matter come up in court.
The question beginning for answer is why did INEC dismissed their staff who registered a governor outside INEC designated area thus went ahead to clear him?

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