June 16, 2019

I have no hand in Adeleke’s problem – Akin Ogunbiyi

Following the nullification of Senator Ademola Adeleke’s candidacy in the Osun State gubernatorial elections, former governorship candidate of the People’s Democratic Party Dr Akin Ogunbiyi, has debunked allegations that he played a part in the case.

According to a statement issued by Ogunbiyi, he stated categorically that he played no part in the case and he would have ignored the allegations but for several series of life threats he has gotten since the nullification, he finds it expedient to address the allegations and lay it to rest once and for all.

He further added that those perpetrating the lies should desist from such acts as it can pose as a threat to the ongoing reconciliatory efforts made by both political leaders.

The statement read in part: “The “Iderea de Movement” wishes to draw the attention of the public to the campaign of calumny and blackmail against the person of Dr Akin Ogunbiyi as well as renewed attacks on his supporters after the judgment on Senator Ademola Adeleke’s eligibility was delivered on Tuesday.

“Senator Ademola Adeleke’s foot soldiers have again resumed their usual blame game and attacks, especially on social media to hoodwink the unsuspecting members of the public. We do not want to assume that every open-minded person understands the happenings, and for the essence of balance, we hereby unequivocally state: that Senator Ademola Adeleke’s examination malpractice matter and subsequent investigation by the police predates the PDP primary and gubernatorial elections.

“That some members of the PDP have exercised their rights to explore judiciary intervention on a perceived injustice is within their rights. It is also on record that the opposition party and other interested members of the public who have an axe to grind with Senator Ademola have approached the court.” Omolere said the suit instituted by Ogunbiyi”was that of Osun West Senatorial ticket which was brazenly taken away from him after all reconciliations to the contrary”.

“It is on record that the only case instituted by Dr Ogunbiyi was that of Osun West Senatorial ticket which was brazenly taken away from him after all reconciliations to the contrary. The case had long been decided and the rest is left to posterity.” The movement warned that the accusations from the supporters of Senator Adeleke could destabilise the party.

“The pursuit of the mandate of the PDP at the tribunal and other courts is the priority of all party members, and to the benefits of Osun people who are counting on the PDP. Let it be clear that Dr Ogunbiyi is not doing and will not do anything to frustrate or undermine this shared vision.

It should also be clearly understood as well that if anybody is alleged to have acted in contrary to the law, he/she is obliged to rationally defend him/herself in the court and not put blames on an innocent man.

“The name-calling, blackmail and several other campaigns of calumny against Dr Ogunbiyi would have been ignored as usual but for fresh assault and renewed threats to the life of his supporters which have continued unabated while the handlers of the uncivil apologists failed to stop them.

“We wish to state that this new development is capable of destabilising the peace and ongoing reconciliatory efforts of the party leaders. More importantly, we warn these elements to desist forthwith. Otherwise, we will match them with media fury and brimstones,”

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